Joni Mitchell's "California" touched my soul during the seventies

girlpower Dide
Posted May 10, 2015 from United States

It was during the winter of 76 and with the snow storm swirling around me when i lived on a farm in Marion Wisconsin, i listened to Joni Mitchell's song "California" and it took me away. I could feel the depth of her words, and the images she called up in my favorite Joni Mitchell song.

A generation of counterculture women empowering themselves with experience and self reliance, I was the strongest willed woman I knew and I was in my hay day. I put another log on the fire downstairs in the wood stove, while I could hear Joni sing about the beautiful west coast state.

We were young and knew our own minds and we wanted to live our vision of peace and love, a generation raised during the sixties and early seventies, and now we were adults moving across America's ever beautiful landscape.

Years later i would make it out West, not to California but to Oregon where I lived in the forests of the Wallowa Mountains doing timber inventory for the forest service in some of the most remote forests in America

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