Oregon Congressman asks for women's pay equity

Diane DeVillers
Posted August 27, 2015 from United States
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Ron Wyden's call for women's pay equity. 76 cents on the dollar won't cut it. Demand that the country makes this an issue for the next Presidental election. Vote for Hillary Clinton

It's been 95 years. 95 years, this week, since women won the right to vote in America. And yet, the political battles still rage -- about whether women should have the right to make their own health care decisions. About how we can ensure that women are paid the same wage as men doing the same job. About whether corporations can decide to deny female employees access to birth control. About whether we're going to take violence against women seriously. Now that the presidential race is in full swing, we're hearing one crazy idea or comment after another about women's healthcare andequality. It seems that they just can't help themselves.

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