Learn how to do Palates. Learning how to walk all over again.

Diane DeVillers
Posted November 9, 2015 from United States


I go on Wedensday to learn to do Palates, so to stretch to strenghten my core, so that I can learn to walk a different way. With my half paralyzed leg, i have walked using my hip muscles and it causes tendenitis and back page. Hoping to learn how to isolate and strengten my other muscles, so i am not pulling my leg around using my hip muscles.

Should be interesting, how i can adapt these exercises to what I can do, and some that I can't to adapt them to fit my abilities.

That's what its all about, learning to adapt and learn how to use what does work with our bodies that sometimes don't work the way they should.

Hoping to have less leg and back pain. So Palates here i come. Some of it i already am doing with my yoga work out at the end of my work out.

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