Did you miss the last Democratic debate, here's the link

Diane DeVillers
Posted November 27, 2015 from United States
Hillary pic by pixabay
Open your hearts to our first woman President in America, show your daughters and sons that woman are capable of being President in America.


I missed the last democratic debate due to me confusing what time it was on in Pacific time. Here's the link, Hillary shined, listed to the rational, intelligent display of people who are showing their true colors and what they truly believe.

Not like the silly, ridiculous GOP debates where more people are watching just to see the clown show that is known as Donald Trump. Is this guy still in the running? It's a mockerly of our political system, an embarrisment to the American People. The only reason he's in it is that he was in that Appentice show and American's want to be like him, rich and brazen. Can you imagine him sitting at the table with world leaders. Come on GOP dump that Chump.

The age is now for America to have a woman President. American people think what would your grandmother want? Hillary is the most qualifed woman, she is the most loved woman around the world. Let your prejudice drop and give women what they want for a change. Every woman in American, dispite your politics should be voting for Hillary. Are we going to let old, white males run this country.]

At the next Congressional election vote off those old white guys and get more people of color and women who know what it's like to be oppressed in the greatest country on this earth. Women are the majority of the population it's our time now, to change things in this country. Put better funding into the education of children, allow Obama care to serve more Americans, the best thing that happened to the uninsured people who were not getting good preventative care.

Women unite. Women we can change the world if only we stand up for ourselves.

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