American Senate defunds Planned Parenthood for a year

Diane DeVillers
Posted December 3, 2015 from United States
Stop over population

The Senate just passed the bill to strip Planned Parenthood of funding for a year. Women and men should be outraged! How will this help our world with over 7.4 BILLION people in it? To stop supporting an agency that gives women the chance to get paps, mammo screenings, and birth control. Only 3 percent of their funding goes to abortion and none of it is from federal funding. So the Senate has let the tea party, radical right, take needed funding from an agency that serves millions of women.

Women everywhere should be appalled and should be writing their Senators. How can de funding this agency help? Women have to band together and vote in more women at the next election. Hillary Clinton is dead set against this.

Where is the line for all the men who should be getting vacesctomy's? Birth control should be free, as it would cut down abortion rates.

Why is America having a war on women? We had come so far and now this slap in the face. So for the next year people should be sending in dollars to support this agency. It's a sad day in America. Perhaps alittle abstinance would be in order.

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