Be Careful what you wish for. If Donald Trump gets the nomination were in big trouble.

Diane DeVillers
Posted December 4, 2015 from United States
The mystical hummingbird.

From one of Trump's fellow debatepeoplewho takes it to the extreme, what could happen if Trump wins the nomination. Be scared, be careful what you wished for. From his rants about Hispanic's being rapists, to treating women poorly,,calling them slobs, to trying to build a wall to keep people out. Sounds elitist to me.

At to top it off Trump mocks a disabled person with his sad, flailing of his arms to imitate the reporter he tried to get to admit he was the one Trump was referring to about there being dozens of Muslims cheering as the 2nd tower went down on 9-11.

Americans, get serious, stop supporting this clown, this hater, this "he would make a terrible President" can you see how he would behave with other world leaders. For crying out loud, look at Marco Rubio, he's got solutions, and he would win the Hispanic vote. And I'm a Hillary fan, i would love to see the debate between those to.

Ted Cruz is a teabagger, we don't need one of them running our country either. So much extremism's, so many haters. And why the target on Planned Parenthood. Really? Where are all the lines of men lined up to get vasectomies? Birth control should be free, in a world of 7.4 BILLION people why de fund an agency that helps women and men "Plan their pregnancies"

I say women should abstain for right now, put the pressure on men to show their support to women's issues. All women, Democratic, or Republican, every woman has to know we are the majority in this country. Vote more women into positions of power in industry and to the highest office: the President of the United States, needs to have it's first woman President.

Will you join me in support of women. And get out your check book and send some money to Planned Parenthood, they are going to need it if the House passes the bill to de-fund them for a year. Then there is always our President, Mr. Obama, he could veto it. Stop this war on women.

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