Donald Trump just disqualified himself by what he said about Muslims

Diane DeVillers
Posted December 13, 2015 from United States

After this week's Trumps boner, about sweeping all Muslims into one lot, even some Republican's are breaking rank and denouncing Trump. Why is Paul Ryan, the new GOP Speaker of the House, still saying he will support Trump??? Say what? In a world gone wrong, this Republican debate hopefully will show the country just what they all stand for. Read about how what he said should disqualify himself to be President.

I feel sorry for the GOP, how twisted Trump is making their party. Why won't the other Republicans stop their support? Trump proves himself every day that he's racist, sexist, misogynist bully, and yet many still love the guy.

Come on America, don't vote in this movie star, with no values except those against the mainstream.

This guy spews out hate speech from his hate of Hispanics to the hate of all Muslims. He's ignorant.

Do the right thing, Dump that chump, Trump

Donald we got our eyes on you. See the truth!!

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