My response to Rand Paul standing up for women. Really? Sort of?

Diane DeVillers
Posted December 28, 2015 from United States
pic by pixabay

I am listening to you (Rand Paul) on CNN trying to dirty Hillary's campaign by bringing up Bill's women abuse, how dare you, you angry little punk, you have allowed our legislature to forget women, try to defund Planned Parenthood, you didn't pass laws giving women equal pay for equal work, we are still making 76 cents on the dollar, and you do nothing. How dare you try to look like you give a rip about women. Women will vote in our next President, and it won't be you or Trump, it will be a woman. Are you afraid, when women get control in this country that they will treat you like you have treated women? You are no spokes person for any woman i know. Women are progressive and inclusive, you come from the white boy league who doesn't care about women. I hope you get to read this and send me a response and it better not be a form letter about how you love women. You are just like Trump, a fraud. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. False men making laws against women. You want a war on women? You may get it sooner than you think. Women everywhere in America vote for Hillary, it's our only chance to be heard. We've allowed this long enough over hundreds of years. Can you stand up against men like Rand Paul and Trump? Can you?

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