Oregon author publishes "The Eve Chronicles"

Diane DeVillers
Posted January 4, 2016 from United States
First book in "The Eve Chronicles"
First book in "The Eve Chronicles" (1/3)

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Oregon author publishes her new book "The Eve Chronicles" which contain three books in one paperback book. Or you can buy them individually as e books, the first book, "From the Waters of Coyote Springs" is about my first days in Oregon working in the Wallowa Mountain of eastern Oregon doing timber inventory.

The second book, "Felix and Eve" is about when i lived with an elderly man, who needed a live in caregiver for the summer after he had heart bi-pass surgery. It takes place in Gold Beach Oregon where the sunsets are to die for.

The third book 'The Arrangement" is based loosely on when i reitred as a baby boomer in the valley town of Eugene, where i finally settled down when i bought property on Moon Mountain. Vinnie lives in a yurt in my back yard.

All three books should make you laugh, they are fictionalized memoirs so i made up some of it.

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