Gender Gap implications for women: $143,000 lost when she is 65? Doesn't seem fair.

Diane DeVillers
Posted January 15, 2016 from United States

Did you know that by the time a woman reaches 65, she has lost 143,000 dollars because of the gender gap. Women are still making 76Cents on the dollar that a man makes doing the same job. It's still a man's world.

When i graduated from high school women made 74 cents on the dollar.

We haven't come a long way. And that also means she puts away that much less into her social security fund, so that when the average woman retires most get social security at poverty level.

Why can't the Congress pass a equal pay for equal work bills? Perhaps men don't want it to change? Do men want to have more finacial leverage in relationships? I think it stinks. What are we teaching our son's and daughters? That girls can expect to work most of their adult lives and then only get poverty level type social security benefits.

The old white men in the majority in Congress (Women make up only 17 percent) don't see the need to pass bills that would help their granddaughters, neices and daughters. What does that say about them?

Stop the old white dudes in Congress from continuing this unfair climate and vote more women into government office and to the President of the United States. Hillary will help with equality better than anyone else. She also will keep Planned Parenthood funding, so that women continue to be able to "Plan" when to have a child if they so choose, and keep birth control available.

Get rid of the old white dudes. Got milk? Vote like your mom.would want you to vote.

Let's have our first woman President, she couldn't do worse, could she?

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Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016

Dear GIRLPOWER, Thank you for your journal. I was surprised by an impact of gender gap. Gender gap is still alive. We have to figure out how to remove gender gap.

Thank you.