The Naivity of Millenniuals in this election

Diane DeVillers
Posted February 20, 2016 from United States
Plain and simple

Exactly, millennials need to hear things like Revolution or free tuition, but Sanders doesn't talk about how he's going to make things happen. Don't be swayed by idealist talk, look at the facts. Hillary Clinton has far more experience and is known worldwide. Sanders has a narrow scope that for some reason he istapinginto the group of people who don't want a woman President.

Just like when she lost to Obama, many people have been angry for eight years, and its because Obama is black. No wonder increases in white supremacist's and haters come out of the wall due to a black man being our President.

Many men don't share Hillary's vision to make people of color and women empowered, infactit scares them.

Hillary and the whole baby boomer generation of women have worked toward this day for decades and see having our first woman president, something they want to see now. It's our turn! What would your mother and grandmother want? Why isn't it the time to empower women? Why not?

For this boomer, I say a vote for Hillary is a vote for the power of womankind. It's that simple. Either you are ready for it or not. But don't say we have a lot of time for our first woman President, the time is now, and you have the candidate. What else is stopping you?

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