During briefing Trump asked why we couldn't use nuclear weapons? There is only black and white in this election. No grey area.

Diane DeVillers
Posted August 3, 2016 from United States
There is only black or white, no grey area in US election
There is only black or white, no grey area in US election


And this is the guy who wants to be elected to be the President of the free world? Dangerous and obnoxious Trump bs's his way through idiot remarks and insane beliefs. When will the GOP shut this guy down?

Trump insults people, calls Hispanic's rapists, women fat slob's and bimbo's, wants to weaken Nato and claims to be a big buddy to Putin. Doesn't he know the world is watching the outrageous episodes of boyhood rants and raves?

American's have to not vote for him, and you know why? Don't you?

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