Election: Why so white people like Trump?

Diane DeVillers
Posted October 19, 2016 from United States

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Oct 25, 2016
Oct 25, 2016

I live in Utah and I have to say I am shocked at how many women not only support Trump but excuse his bad behavior on social media. I am also frustrated by how many women will share whatever comes across their news feed without properly vetting it. Just this morning there was an incredibly inflammatory video shared by an acquaintance regarding a rape case in which Ms. Clinton defended the rapist.  The video was crazy inflammatory so I did a quick web search and on factcheck.org they laid out exactly how it went down.  And, while my heart breaks for the victim in this case it unfortunately lies to the public defender to do their due diligence to help their client. And what's interesting is how the creator of the video carefully crafted the message to twist and present the facts in such a way as to invoke the feeling that they want, in this case rage, as the creator is clearly slanted to the Trump side.  What I find completely insane is how dark and scary the Trump supporters are both women & men. People that I know, have this scary sinister view of the world and these social media posts are fanning the flames of those fires. I really can't even wrap my mind around how people don't realize that they are falling prey to a dark, dark propaganda machine created by a person with deep character flaws. And, I really can't find any way to relate to the good women who have allowed themselves to be wooed by Trump, it is completely mind blowing. My only hope is that some how we come out of this election with our dignity as a nation still in tact.

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