White Lash, white men, even women vote in Trump

girlpower Dide
Posted November 9, 2016 from United States
Feminists are stunned. Who are these women who voted for Trump
White Lash, white men and even women get it wrong for America

The election of Donald Trump was a surprise to everyone. Feminists are stunned. As an American women I feel betrayed. Poor Hillary, who worked her entire life for public service is being sent away. While Donald Trump will get to have his irrational, bigoted, finger on America's most delicate policies. I wear black today, I am in morning. He will never be my President.


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Sarah Murali
Nov 09, 2016
Nov 09, 2016

Thank you for coming here and sharing your message, girlpower. I can hear the grief in your voice, and believe me, I share it. I am so very saddened by what happened here yesterday. I'm overwhelmed. And today has been a day of a lot of tears. I'm grateful to come to this community and find a global network of support -- a network we are going to need to sustain us as we move forward and stand up for the country we do want to see.

So yes, I mourn with you today, but tomorrow, let's get started. It's not about winning the next election cycle anymore. Now we know that we need to dismantle the systems and the culture that allow this kind of hate to persist. We're going to need everyone.

In support, understanding, and solidarity.


allie shep
Nov 10, 2016
Nov 10, 2016

I share your grief. I couldn't believe it but it has been a year of horrible votes.

However, in 4 years, Trump cannot destroy all that America stands for, and his election (which has rung alarm bells throughout the world) will only make decent people stronger and more determined to destroy him and all he stands for - and find decent candidates for the future.

As Gandhi said "Eventually good always triumphs over evil. Always."

With my country exiting Europe, and yours in for 4 years of Trump, it's hard to think that, but it WILL happen.

In love & sisterhood,  Allie x

Molly Gates
Nov 10, 2016
Nov 10, 2016

Thank you for your post. I think many share in your reaction. I hope that our collective shock can turn to the strongest wave of action so that in 2020 it will be a positive force so powerful that the Trump Tower will topple over and be replaced by a true leader that this country deserves. We are stronger together!