Alt-right Celebrates their Victory.

Diane DeVillers
Posted November 21, 2016 from United States
My love of my country
Keep love alive was my message as I sat outside Eugene, Oregon's Federal Building.

An increase in white supremacists has risen since Trump was elected. Read my blog about how to be a good American doesn't mean you have to accept his dark vision


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Lisa Anderson
Nov 22, 2016
Nov 22, 2016

Dear GirlPower,

What a great picture and sign! Thank you for your consciousness and call to not accept this dark vision.

Warm regards,


Dec 31, 2016
Dec 31, 2016

Diane, how I admire the ACTION you are taking to make your views known. I too am very disappointed with the views of this President-elect. It is walking backwards into an uninformed age. Surely the progressive voices will be heard, yours amongst them. Keep up your forward movement, your ideas of promise for EVERYONE! Your voice is as important as anyone's and maybe moreso. You speak for me and thousands of others. My best to you on your vital journey!