"The Eve Chronicles" about a remarkable woman living in Oregon

Diane DeVillers
Posted May 6, 2017 from United States
The first book in "The Eve Chronicles"
"The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers
"The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers (1/1)

I'm still on my "Shameless Self Promotion tour" and trying to sell more books. "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers aka girlpower is a fictionalized memoir about when Eve moves west to the Wallowa Mts doing work as a timber cruiser doing timber surveys for the Forest Service. At the height of the woman's movement during the early eighties, Eve is searching for her place in the world. Three books within one paperback book, (separate ebooks sold separately) The first book "From the Waters of Coyote Springs" Then "Felix and Eve" which takes place in Gold Beach on the Oregon coast. Then "The Arrangement" is decades later when Eve is a retired baby boomer living in the eclectic town of Eugene in the Willamette Valley. Every summer she visits the beautiful island of Catalina off the California coast.https://smile.amazon.com/l/B00BWY3Q9K/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_2609328962...

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Lisa Anderson
May 11, 2017
May 11, 2017

Dear girlpower,

Your tour sounds great, and I love the description of your three-part series! Aren't the Wallowas gorgeous? Best wishes as you promote your tour and sell books! I'd be curious to read them. :-)

Warm regards,