The real hero who went back into the Twin Tower on 9-11

Diane DeVillers
Posted September 11, 2018 from United States
One World Trade Center on Eve of remembering 9-11
picture by Peter Lattman  The story of a real hero who went back into the twin tower on 9-11. 

On this day of remembrance, we look to those who were ground zero, and those who lived or died down there. I remember where I was, I was eating my morning cereal watching the news. When I saw the first tower fell I was depressed, when the 2nd one fell I was outraged. How man's inhumanity to man showed his ugly face that day. I am glad that President Obama with Hillary Clinton at his side made the right call on the night they found and killed Osama Bin Laden. Karma Sucks Dude.

This picture was taken today showing the One Trade Center.

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Sep 12, 2018
Sep 12, 2018
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Rahmana Karuna
Jun 21, 2019
Jun 21, 2019

Did you see the third tower go down? i firmly believe it was an inside job. and engineers and architects for 911 for truth is incredibly convincing it was a cover up job. and detonated buildings. plus the third building that everyone was told to evacuate, oh the fbi and such. yea for Jon Stewart: