Low Vitamin D is part of why people get Multiple Sclerosis

Diane DeVillers
Posted June 28, 2019 from United States
Calla Lily and fern

https://www.verywellhealth.com/vitamin-d-and-multiple-sclerosis-2440633?utm_campaign=list_ms&utm_medium=email&utm_source=cn_nl&utm_content=17344920&utm_term= When I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis I had very low Vitamin D and with the getting Mono when I was 15, those were triggers, also I had chronic stress which I think was part of the cocktail that triggered MS. No one knows for sure what causes MS and so far there isn't a cure.

I have the Progressive kind of Ms and I have the heat sensitivity, the fatigue and my right leg drag from partial paralysis. But I am lucky since I retired 11 years ago at age 53, my MS hasn't progressed. It's all about the immune system that was damaging the nerves in my brain causing scars, which interrupted the nerve that serves my right leg. I think staying active help keep it at bay, I ride my incumbent bike, 45 minutes twice a day, i swear it keeps my MS from progressing. I ride my indoor incumbent bike 45 minutes twice a day and Swim laps twice a week and I swear to stay active is helping. Also, 70 percent of people with MS get depression, I'm far from that, I think staying active and resting to fight fatigue is helping me keep the MS from progressing.

Check out MS World site it was started by a woman with MS who lives in Eugene Oregon. And MS Society and the MS Foundation where you can get up to date progress on medications and treatments, and you can post a question on one of their blogs.

Keep active and it's time to take care of you now.


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Jill Langhus
Jun 29
Jun 29

Hi Diane,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your very interesting and inspiring post. I hadn't heard this yet, so this is great that people are aware of possible causes or what to look out for. It makes sense, too, that if you're out in nature, and exercising that it would be hugely beneficial. I swear I listed to a webinar series awhile back that someone had cured MS through really strict diet. I'm sure that can make a huge difference, too, but of course I don't remember who the person was or what they specifically did to heal themselves. It's great to hear, though, that you have the best attitude about it. It does make such a difference.

I hope you're doing well, and having a great weekend:-)

Beth Lacey
Jul 03
Jul 03

I think your advice is very helpful

Hello, Diane,

I’m glad you found ways to keep MS from progressing. That’s very admirable of you.

There are studies that validates exercise can prevent depression. Thank you for the advice!

Anita Shrestha
Oct 09
Oct 09

Thank you very much , Keep it continue.

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