I stand with my sisters all over the world who have been marginalized in a thousand little ways

Diane DeVillers
Posted November 12, 2019 from United States
Love doesn't hurt

I think every woman knows what it's like to be verbally abused, let's not forget that abuse is not always physical abuse but anything else that causes a woman to feel less than a human being. All the men I've taken the back seat to, been interrupted by, and talked over me, or the men who have bullied me.  Or those that talked down to me or condescended me that made me feel marginalized or invisible. Any woman who has had a blacked eye or bruised arms, it's the visible outcome of that abuse that causes the most hurtful shame: that others know, is what is excruciatingly painful.

The thousand little ways that men can belittle us, or the boss that makes your idea his, or a family member who treats you unfairly, anytime you are misjudged or treated unfairly it's the feeling you get in your gut whenever a man talks over you or pays you less than a man who does the same job. It's those subtle injustices that smart the most, that makes you doubt yourself or make you dislike the type of man that makes you feel that way.

The worst are the bullies that push others around and get away with it. Look at our president, who bullies everyone he can around him and that bragged about grabbing women by the *ussy, and still, they voted for him. How 12 other women who came forward to say he did similar sexual abuses to them. who forced himself on women and yet people still voted for him. Like he said, quote. "I could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot someone and still my followers would vote for him" Are you one of those people?

But no one will ever crush my spirit, no one will silence my voice, no one will rule over me, no one will tell me to sit down and shut up. and now that I'm 63 years old, I can honestly say I wouldn't stay in any relationship that wasn't good for me,  body, mind, and spirit. Life is too short. For anyone who says #MeToo or #Istandwithher just know that you will rise above the abuse and find a soft place to fall.

If you are getting abused: Leave the monster and move on. There are evolved men out there, rare but they are out there. And when you find one it will make all the difference in the world. The smile on your face will say it all.

This story was submitted in response to #IStandWithHer.

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Nov 13
Nov 13

Dear Aunty Diane,
Thanks very much for standing up with us. You really can't underestimate the joy the one brings to the face of an abused woman. Just saying am with you means a lot. And this is exactly what you are doing. I personally was verbal abuse and oh mine it more than a stab at the back. It's pains more than the bruises. A bruise healed but those words remain with you until you die. It really hurt. You loose yourself identify.
Hope you have a great day and take care.

Jill Langhus
Nov 13
Nov 13

Hi Diane,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your thoughts and also for bringing up an important point that verbal abuse is just as harmful, if not more so, than physical. You're quite right. I agree about leaving abusive relationships.

I hope you're doing well, and having a great week!

Nov 13
Nov 13

Hi Diane,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I like what you say and I quote: "Leave the monster and move on"

I stand for you!

Hello, Diane,

Wow! What a heartfelt message you've written here. Thank you for standing with every woman who experiences violence/abuse. I love this post of yours.

Anita Shrestha
Nov 14
Nov 14

Dear Sis

Beth Lacey
Nov 18
Nov 18

Stay strong

Tarke Edith
Nov 26
Nov 26

Dear Diane
tou stor has impress me so much '
women must be strong dear no mather the cost'