The missing out for American women and girls to have Hillary Clinton as President

Diane DeVillers
Posted January 5, 2020 from United States
The world has lost out on having Hillary Clinton as President in 2016
Hillary Rodham Clinton

The biggest rip off for American women and girls was when Hillary Clinton did not become our first female President. Every day I think about all she could have done for women and girls and it makes me regret who is our President now, who is misogynistic, a bigot and has a history of degrading women. This lack of having Hillary be our President is a significant loss for women all over the world

For 19 years Hillary was named the most admired woman in the world and yet Donald Trump and his nationalistic, white supremacist followers took hold of our government and further set back equality for women and will continue to set back the woman's movement for women for decades to come.

Hillary Clinton was working for America long before the millennials were born, she first was instrumental in developing the children's fund, and working for low-income families. She then became First lady and stood behind her husband even when times were tough. She was trusted with developing a new health care system that the GOP shot down. It was the same health care that Obama finally pushed through.

Obama trusted her enough to ask her to be his Secretary of State and she served him, following in the footsteps of decades of men who did the same job. She and Obama both worked together and he saw her in such regard that he campaigned for her.

Hillary and Bernie share 94 percent of their policies. Bernie served decades in the Senate and did nothing for wage equity for women. He's another old white dude that is status quo. America deserves to have a woman, President. To show girls all over the world that women can do the same things men do. All the other Presidents and candidates weren't perfect. So why do so many people want Hillary to be perfect?

There is a lot of gender wars going on, in all generations. Look at the way men of all ages seem to seeth about Hillary's attempt. After two hundred years of male supremacy and silver spoons in their mouths. Men don't like her. They feel threatened by her. 

The baby boomer generation of women have worked over forty years making 76 cents on the dollar that men make. Why hold it against her that she has been successful and is a millionaire? If you could make tens of thousands of dollars giving speeches, wouldn't you?  And why are so many jealous of the fact that she has a lot of money? 

Hillary worked her way up the male-dominated ladder of politics, she took in the same campaign dollars that Obama did from Wallstreet and yet they condemn her, even though she helped pass the Barnie Dodd agreement that held them responsible

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Remarks to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women Plenary Session

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Remarks to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women Plenary Session

In 1995 Hillary spoke at the United Nations and was well received by the world. At that time she was on course to shape the women's movement not only in the United States but for the world. 

This story was submitted in response to #SpiritAwards.

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Tarke Edith
Jan 05
Jan 05

Hello sister Diane
Thanks for writing to us about a great woman Hillary Clinton.
You know dear this issue of women being underlooked has been so trumatising that we have to fight inoder to have our right.
Thank you for sharing dear.
Happy New year and a prosperous one dear.

Anita Shrestha
Jan 05
Jan 05

Dear Sis
Thank you for sharing this piece.

Jan 06
Jan 06

Hi Diane,
Thanks for your post but honestly I think this is pure politics. For the little information I have about world pulse it is NOT a political platform and hence post like this will be intimidating some of us who are not politically oriented.
Maybe I stand to be corrected.
Hope you have a good day.

Jill Langhus
Jan 06
Jan 06

Hi Diane,

How are you doing? I agree that she could've definitely helped women and the environment, but alas we can't change the past, and it feels like her not getting in had to happen for one reason or the the other. Even thought Trump being in office seems to have divided American in a lot of ways, it also seems like it's been a great opportunity for a lot of people, especially women, to stop being complacent, to speak up and go after what they're passionate about. This is important, too. Having said that, I do hope that the next president cares for women's rights and our beautiful planet, or I'm going to be even more concerned than I am now. Thanks for sharing your views and post.

Hello, Diane,

I would love to see the day when USA will have a female president. We already had two from our country.

I can feel your frustration and sentiments on Hillary’s missed chance. How long will America have to wait for another possible female candidate?

Thanks for sharing!

Beth Lacey
Jan 09
Jan 09

I also believe she would have been a good president. This coming election will be challenging for women like Elizabeth Warren as well

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Diane,
Thank you so much for your post. I truly believe that she would have an amazing President. We can only hope for a brighter future.
Have a blessed day.