Father of 88 and Daughter of 63 both publish their own books

Diane DeVillers
Posted January 12, 2020 from United States
The Eve Chronicles takes place in Oeegon


My father and I published our books, books that are very different in subject matter, his is a historical novel about the Korean and Afghanistan War, highly researched and reads like  Tom Clancy novel.

"The Stone Horse & Droshki" by Ken De Villers is also a story of enduring love. It's an adventure historical novel, the memoirs of Colonel General Yuri Danilov, the son of an American Sioux Indian and a Ukrainian Mother. Master spy for the Soviet KGB. Top Gun fighter pilot in the Korean, Vietnam and the Soviet Afghanistan wars. Privy to the internal workings of the Soviet Union’s Politburo. Also a story of love and devotion between Yuri and the beautiful Japanese-Russian Eiko Haraoka.

My book is called "The Eve Chronicles" by Diane DeVillers:

The paperback book is three novellas, inspired by the author's own journals about her relationships, life, and work in the forests of Oregon, comprise The Eve Chronicles.

The first book is called “From the Waters of Coyote Springs”: Eve searches for meaning to her life while working in the forest of the Wallowa Mountains in Oregon. Living in her tent she spends the day doing timber inventory for the Forest Service. Five other mismatched foresters live in the camp with her.

Felix and Eve: Felix hires Eve; he’s a cantankerous elderly man who needs round-the-clock nursing care. She’s a live-in-the-moment type of person. Once Felix accepts her, he tells of his relationship with the notorious gangster, Al Capone in Chicago during the 1930s.

The Arrangement: Each year under a special arrangement Eve spends the summer on Catalina Island with Sid, a retired college Professor and Eve's former lover, who has a debilitating type of Multiple Sclerosis. An irony is that the author, having left the forests to work with people as a caregiver, was later diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This afforded her the opportunity to retire early and focus on writing.

The three eBooks are available at Smashwords.com or Amazon.com or any other site that sells eBooks. The paperback book is available on Amazon and at book stores that can access the Ingram Catalog.






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Anita Shrestha
Jan 12
Jan 12

Thank you for sharing

Hello, Diane,

Congratulations to you and your father! What a wonderful connection that you both love to write and publish stories. Keep it up!

Jan 13
Jan 13

Writing a book is no mean feat but when you have a story to tell, the words just gone. Congratulations to both of you well done

Jill Langhus
Jan 13
Jan 13

Hi Diane,

How are you doing? Thanks for sharing your post and great literary works from both yourself and your father, too!

Hope you're doing well, and having a great week!

Jan 14
Jan 14

Congratulations to the both of you. It's worth the hard efforts. Now I see all the smiles all over your faces :-).

Beth Lacey
Jan 23
Jan 23

Nice that you and your father have a shared passion for writing

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hello Diane,
How are you doing. Hope all is well. It is amazing that you and you father share the same passion. Congs on both your books and all the best with the future ventures.
Have a lovely day.