To the people I didn't do enough for. Or loves that didn't last

Diane DeVillers
Posted May 15, 2021 from United States
Dide on the ocean beach in Florence Oregon more than a year ago.

Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind - Bing video To all the people I didn't say all I should have said, or didn't do enough for. We only can live this life once so forgive me if I left in the middle of our time together. But you were always on my mind. Lovers, husbands, friends, strangers with potential, I wish I would have taken the time to reach out just one more time

This song was written by Elvis but Willie Nelson can sing it with such heart. 

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Susu Mohamed
May 17
May 17

how are you sister when i saw this beautiful picture i felt happy a calm and peaceful environment thank you for sharing Elvis song.

Nini Mappo
May 17
May 17

Wow, that is like a beach for miles!! It is a calming image, like the message you share, to forgive ourselves when we discover that we were not be everything we could be for those important to us. To not let regret paralyze us from the joy of living, and perhaps rob us of more strength or creativity to be all present for those in our lives.

Sending you hugs of peace and sparkles of joy :)

Busayo Obisakin
May 17
May 17

Dear Daine,
WOW! Love your wonderful picture. Sending you big hug and Love dear Sister! We can only do what we can at a particular time which should bring about well of joy from within us for that little we are able to do.

Regina Afanwi Young
May 17
May 17

Hello Diane,
How are you doing? Lovely view out there. I love to sit at the beach too. It gives one the calmness you need to reflect on the realities of life
My dear. I know that feeling of not doing enough. But I want to reassure you that you did your best in all love and commitment dear. Enough is relative therefore all you did was enough!!!!
Sending you love and hugs my dear