Guiselle Jimenez

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About Me

I´m a person, I´m the universe.

I believe that we all are part of our reality, so we need to provoke more justice, more opportunities, more bridges to help us become better human beings and have a better place to live. I believe that we all can evolve.

I´m a innovator, dreamer, planner, creative and a critical thinker who aims to act collectively and engage responsibly. I love to create opportunities through innovative programs for women and children at social risk, to provide them with more opportunities of empowerment and development.

My roles in this game called life are also to be a mother, spouse, student, teacher, sister, daughter and friend :-) Create projects and opportunities to make this a better world for all To conquer myself Improvement, Innovation, Planning, Process and Project Management, Digital inbound marketing, Social responsibility

My Vision

More equity. More sensitive human beings