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Gladys Shumbambiri
Posted February 1, 2016 from Zimbabwe

I come from Zimbabwe . I come from a family of seven, three girls and four boys. I have a very strong and passionate mother who raised the seven of us. I stay in Mabelreign which is a good community and has lots of business prospects. The biggest challenge I am facing is that of financial resources to advance my dream and vision. Women face the challenge of financial independence and freedom due to lots of job losses in Zimbabwe. I am doing financial education trainings for women and the you through my company Intelligent Business Consultancy. I would like to have a blog where I interact with women and youth on financial matters and entrepreneurship matters. I would like to have road shows and campaigns about financial education in my community. I am supporting women and the youth.I have associate consultants and a youth association supporting me. An active blog online, vehicle to travel to other communities, computers , printers and overhead projectors. I am very passionate about women and youth empowerment and am a very dedicated and hardworking person that would like to see a transformed woman and youth for the betterment of families and the society at large.

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Paul Frank
Feb 01, 2016
Feb 01, 2016

Thank you for sharing your story.  More importantly, thank you for sharing yourself with your community.  It inspires me to hear your story.  I wish you success with everything you have put your attention on.