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Posted October 4, 2012 from United States

On Friday I had the pleasure of hearing Hummingbird, Neema and Stella speak in Portland, Oregon. What an inspirational and moving event! The power of their stories and dreams were amazing, and held everyone in rapt silence as they spoke. I was awed by the clarity of their vision for themselves and their countries and have no doubt they will accomplish great things.

It made me realize I hadn’t been on World Pulse for some time, and what a great venue it is to hear women’s voices from around the world. Thank you Jensine, for your vision in creating World Pulse, and your perseverance to see it through. You are one of my heroes!

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Oct 05, 2012
Oct 05, 2012

It is indeed amazing that through WP,we have space for every women, where their voices would be heard by many.

Great to know that you heard the three powerful ladies speak their mind, live.

Much love,

Cali gal Michelle
Oct 07, 2012
Oct 07, 2012

Yes, WP is the place to be! I traveled quite a ways to meet those three, as Stella and I especially share a special bond. One thing that struck me was this: a reply and/or comment from anyone on the other side of the world is a great encouragement, as women realize that, yes!, their voice is being heard.

So I'm committing to increase the level of responses to journal posts so that women all over the world will know there is someone listening.

I'm glad that you were inspired to re-connect! See you on the pulsewire!