My Story Can Be Her Story And Even Better. Technology is a Magic Wand for Change!!

Mibiola Ifeoluwa
Posted June 30, 2020 from Nigeria
A Young Black Woman who is Technologically Empowered
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If technology is the future, then women need to be a huge part of it.

As a young teenager who went through University studying a course "granted" to her by the institution. I wasn't sure of the career path to choose when I leave school. And this was where technology came into the picture.

Fortunately, a novel organization focused on young women got funding that helped launch a digital skill acquisition program. I was part of that program, and that kickstarted my journey into the Tech world. I should mention that my fascination with Tech began when I won a competition organized by W.I.E ( Women in Engineering) at my University.

The challenge was simple. Participants were to come up with ideas that could improve the lives of women through technology. There were amazing ideas shared by young women like me. Then it dawned on me -Technology is perhaps one of the most important tools that could help us make the world better for women and achieve equality! 

 That first training became the first of many digital trainings I have attended either online or physically. Now, I am part of a team that is using technology to drive financial inclusion in my country.  Due to access to the right digital skills, I am changing the narrative and creating a space that ensures that I'm a relevant part of the future, not just in my country, but in Africa as a whole and beyond. 

It breaks my heart that many young women like me do not have the privileges I had and have when it comes to access to the internet or exposure to the digital world.

 And this is why we need to be intentional about using technology to drive the change we hope to see, especially when it comes to Gender Equality.

While I compared Technology to a tool earlier in this story, I believe it's more. Technology is powerful, and I know it will be more powerful in the hands of women.

We need to raise our voices for internet access, providing safe spaces for women online, access to digital training for women, affordable data charges, and reliable internet connection. 

Today is the last day of #SheTransforms Tech, and it's 11:28 p.m here in my home country, Nigeria. But I hope my story counts just like that of others who have shared theirs. (Thanks to everyone who shared a story, it has been nothing short of inspiring. You motivated me to share mine).

I'll end with this quote from Karen Spärck Jones:

"I think it's very important to get more women into computing. My slogan is: Computing is too important to be left to men." 

Replace "computing" with "technology"

"Technology has a significant role to play in the future and it's too important to be left to men."

I believe every woman has a right to Technology! Yes, #SheTransformsTech.  


This story was submitted in response to #SheTransformsTech.

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Jun 30
Jun 30

Thank you for sharing .

Mibiola Ifeoluwa
Jul 04
Jul 04

Thanks for reading. ❤️

Hello, Goldenstar,

Welcome back to World Pulse! How have you been? I'm so glad you're writing again because you have the gift to write!

You have a powerful voice, dear. I love how you coined this, "Technology is powerful, and I know it will be more powerful in the hands of women."

Thanks for participating to the call for stories. Please keep writing!

Mibiola Ifeoluwa
Jul 04
Jul 04

This means a lot, Karen. Thanks for the beautiful compliment.

I won't stop writing.

You're welcome, love. Yes, please!

Julie Desai
Jul 04
Jul 04

Thank you for sharing

Mibiola Ifeoluwa
Jul 04
Jul 04

Thanks for reading, Julie. ❤️