When I look back in the years.....

Grace Bitomwa
Posted November 8, 2020 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
What shaped you the most?
Let’s talk about this

I originally joined world pulse in 2012 while I was still doing my undergrad. I came across my own account that I have no access to anymore... and I wrote something then about my mum, time has gone but I still mean what I wrote. The account is in my name still: Grace Bitomwa. If you are following that one please follow this new account. Grace Bitomwa1. Looking back  I realise that my life has been shaped by so many factors : 

-love: mostly from my parents and siblings 

- pain: common experience with humans, but for me it has been particularly hard to watch my two brothers struggle with sickle disease. And the consequence this has had on all of us as a family. Second thing that causes pain is DR Congo wars and unrest; they are heart breaking .  - faith: I am christian and I was taught from young age to believe, seek God’s will in every situation.

- change: I have lived in DR Congo, Kenya, and Now in U.K. I had to adjust to all these places, languages, cultures and peoples 

- learning: I never stop learning.  - sharing: is what makes society a beautiful concept.  - relationships: dating haha I am not gonna go into details

- internet: so much information what to take in and what not? It’s been a challenge till now.   

what has shaped you? To become who are and made you see things as you do? Or react as you do? What changed you? 

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Dawn Arteaga
Nov 08, 2020
Nov 08, 2020

So glad you made your way back to World Pulse Grace! Welcome! And I fully agree with you on never stopping learning. That's such an important guiding principle in life. Big hugs to you.

Tamarack Verrall
Nov 08, 2020
Nov 08, 2020

Hello grace,
How good to know that you are back with us all. Life takes us in so many directions. Reading through your experiences is thought provoking, and I appreciate the topics you chose. I feel some parallels: Experiencing the power of love, the pain of witnessing and experiencing the injustices, learning so much from others' stories, the importance of sharing what we know and figure out for direction, the joys of internet and the dangers. My realization of my purpose in life, to bring justice and peace. As I learn how deep and entrenched the problem, my changes are in just being more determined to be effective, and to trust myself and abilities. Thanks for showing us your path and for your questions about ours.

Charlie E
Nov 09, 2020
Nov 09, 2020

Hello Grace - to good that you have come back to this platform. You are right it is so important to keep learning - that's what helps us to keep growing. I am much older than you but I try very hard to keep on learning because it's so easy to become stagnant. Like you my family have shaped me - in my case my daughters - becoming a mother has really changed me. And also working with people especially managing them - which is another kind of mothering. Keep writing.

Nini Mappo
Nov 10, 2020
Nov 10, 2020

Hello Grace,
I love your reflection on your journey to becoming you. So many things pour into and take away from our identities. Becoming is a delicate business than requires us to continuously take inventory of who we are. I'm glad that you found and embrace you!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Nov 17, 2020
Nov 17, 2020

Hi Grace,
Welcome back to World Pulse and thank you for sharing your post. So many things in life shape us and mold us into what we are today. One thing i have learnt over the years is that we should learn from all experiences either bad or good, they are all lessons and pointing to the direction that we need to take. And yes we need to continue learning every day because the world is now a global village and there is always something new we can learn to benefit us.
Thank you for your post and looking forward to many more of your posts.
Stay blessed.

Shirin Dalaki
Nov 23, 2020
Nov 23, 2020

It is nice that you came back Grace. I enjoyed reading it.

Laetitia Shindano
Dec 23, 2020
Dec 23, 2020

Bonjour Grâce
Bon retour au sein de la famille mondiale des sœurs. Merci de nous partager ton expérience et parcours de la vie.
A bientôt.