breastfeeding and its pyschological attachments

Posted June 1, 2016 from Nigeria
A picture of an african woman breastfeeding her baby
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In old African tradition its a norm for a mother to breastfeed children up until 2 years (exclusively for the first one year and intermittently for the next). most times they don't get weaned till they are about one year old. my grandma mentioned a few times that in their days you celebrate your fist birthday by tasting food for the first time. Amazingly the story isn't the same today. There are so many limitation or obstacles posing a challenge to breastfeeding. in this time and age young mothers especially the elite find it difficult to breastfeed their children in public. she feels uncovered, exposed, feels like her dignity is been trampled upon. In most cases they get to fall back on baby foods and water as substitute for the real thing not because they don't know the side effects of improper breastfeeding both to the mother and the child but the stigma behind breastfeeding in public blindens them to it. This is the same challenge Karlesha Thurman faced while she breast-fed her daughter, Aaliyah, at the California State University, Long Beach graduation ceremony on May 22, 2014. As World Breast Feeding Day approches, lets encourage everyone in our community and also educate our fathers, brothers and friends on the important of exclusive breastfeeding and as such end the stigma our mothers face while they breastfeed.

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Nicole Joseph-Chin
Jul 13, 2016
Jul 13, 2016

Thank you for sharing.