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About Me

I have joined the World Pulse community because of my strong commitment to women's rights and empowerment. As part of that commitment, I recently founded the online community 'Wise Women Will Save the World'. Our website is currently in prototype mode:

I am working to create a substantial web portal connecting people to the most effective and creative ways of influencing beliefs and behaviours across the broad area of human rights and environmental sustainability. A major focus will be on the use of non-linear and arts-based forms of communication to convey messages in a high impact fashion. Two examples are these tiny clips on our YouTube channel: The one called 'Us' was featured recently on The Good Men Project site.

Here's some of my background thinking:

Earth’s greatest source of renewable energy is the untapped potential of a billion daughters, sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers.

Our world operates according to the rules of men. Analysis, management and measurement dominate. This misses the point that many determinants of a happy, healthy planet can neither be measured nor managed. No-one can manage an ocean, a culture or even one other person’s feelings.

Dealing with the root cause of an increasingly dysfunctional planet requires a fundamentally different approach. My research points to an unusual combination of elements that make up that approach.

The XX Factor in women presents us with a gift-wrapped set of tools and attributes urgently needed to redesign society and repair our planet. A combination of empathy, collaboration, intuition, creativity, community building and a willingness to approach problems holistically can align and strengthen our current disjointed efforts.

Often ignored sources of collective wisdom include • our elders• indigenous peoples• ‘ordinary’ people outside of prominent groups who nonetheless have valuable ‘life experience’

The same communication methods that enable terrorists to divide and destroy can be used by ourselves to unite and create. Using digital communication, people can give and receive support and strategies in ways that bypass traditional sources of control and censorship.

Qualities like wisdom and empathy are invisible; they can be captured and cultivated remotely, then instantly shared via digital technology.

All major global problems are too complex for most people to understand. Creative communication methods, combined with basic models and metaphors, enable us to reach the simplicity on the far side of complexity. That’s when we say “Ah-hah!”.

Messaging strategies based on non-linear forms of communication drawn from the visual and performing arts have the capacity to develop deeper connection, convey greater meaning, and also cut through the sameness of the linear communication styles used by conservative business, government and civil society organisations.

Because of longstanding, widespread migration, coupled with the recent advent of the internet, our planet is now covered in vast, closely connected diaspora communities that are poised to play a critical, unique role in merging the developed and less developed worlds, and softening the divide between diverse religious and ethnic groups.

My Vision

A world of greater harmony, where the good and bad bits are shared more equitably.


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