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Mobilize women as environmental stewards with me.

What I'm Leading

Many women are denied the right to own the land they till in Nigeria today. Their access to natural resources, and their decision-making power around resource management, is limited. The impacts of climate change—such as food scarcity, water shortage, and deforestation—hit them hardest.

Growing up I witnessed this disparity and felt I had to help. Since 2009 I have created opportunities for over 7,000 women and girls to train and collaborate on the environmental concerns that have direct bearing on their lives. My organization, Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE), delivers training on conservation, food and water security, and more, building the capacity of women and youth to become environmental change-agents and authors of their future.

Who I'm Impacting

3,000 women and youth a year.

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About Me

I am a women's empowerment advocate and an environmental activist. I am the Founder and Program Director of Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE), a grassroots based Non Profit Organization that promotes constructive environmental ideals by empowering women to become environmental stewards and peace builders. With a professional background (1st and 2nd degree qualification) in Urban and Regional Planning, and as an environmentalist, I have participated in many training programs and projects. To date, I render environmental consultancy services and love writing on environmental issues. For me, realizing the noble course of a safe and just environment goes beyond personal interests or gains, as serving a cause is an opportunity to serve people. My hobbies include research, writing and cookery. I have keen interest in humanitarian and enterprise development activities and I am learning by the day to meet the demands of my work.

My Vision

A Safe and Just Earth for All


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My expertise includes-Environmental Education and Advocacy, Community Organizing and Facilitation, Mentoring and Leadership Development.


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