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About Me

First of all, I just want to begin with the name of a woman who endured all the problems, and never gave up on the closed mentality of those around her That was my mother. When I finished my lessons in different universities, and work in different companies. it made me a leader in my life, all my studies research and knowledge gave me a personality, I decided that I must be my own leader and make my life, I was born in a remote country, where girls' interest in education is high but poverty is a disadvantage to each and every one of them, and my family is a part of them. Due to my relative’s limitations and rules, In the part they had been educated up to secondary school but they could not perform her duty, at this time my family helped me to I started my school, for that situation I studied a lot to be a girl that one day my Country proud on me, I did that,

My Vision

My vision: it was helping, supporting and it was giving an opportunity for those girls they are far away from the life in Afghanistan.


Reaching my goal of getting a master's degree that I can be a good role model and support them because of their education and fight against


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