What Is Success?

Posted June 12, 2019 from Afghanistan

I am certain you must have heard a lot about what success is, everyone has his/her own perspective of what success is. We are all different, we think differently and we all have our own opinions. For some people, success is fame, for some it's power, for some it's money, for some it's their own wish come true. I respect everyone's opinion dearly.  However, to me, success is happiness.

People think the richest, the most famous, the most powerful are the most successful people, but I would strongly disagree. Why would one want to become famous, powerful, or rich? The answer is clear, its because it makes them happy. People spend so much energy and effort and time on reaching at least one of the above three, without realizing that the result is something they are missing each time they stop connecting with their friends and family. Say someone reached one of the above three, what then? If we have the capability to make each day a happy day, to laugh and smile even with all the difficulties and hardships in our lives, why not do it?

We tend to work hard for a better tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes, instead of enjoying it, we think about the other tomorrow coming and we repeat this mistake until there is no tomorrow left. That’s when we will regret why we never tried to be at the moment and smile and laugh. Happiness is what everyone wants to achieve, happiness is what we hope and dream of. We look far in the future and think we can find it there, while not noticing that happiness doesn’t tend to run away from us, its right there, we are the ones who have created the whole image of happiness being in the far future. We think to ourselves, “If I save enough money for next year, I can buy/rent a better house, then I can live in it happily with my family!!!” When next year comes, there is no happiness because we say, “If I work hard enough to get a car, that will be perfect!!” This is the repetitive mistake we make, we are the ones pushing back happiness and then complain about not being happy. Some of us make the mistake of thinking that fame is the key to success. So, we don’t spend time with our loved ones and work on becoming famous, once that goal is reached, we find ourselves unhappy. Why? Because we pushed happiness away from us by pushing our loved ones, by ignoring those who taught some thing beautiful to us. There is a chance to be happy each and every day you open your eyes!

Please don’t get me wrong with interpreting success as wasting your time on going out with your friends, or letting go of work and studies and education.  Someone who is really successful, is someone who does his/her best and puts his/her best effort into achieving something that is really important to him/her but also putting smiles on the faces of the people surrounding him/her and ones self. Real success is helping others while enjoying your company of friends and your life. When success is spoken of, mostly the images of Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Barack Obama, singers, actors, most rich people or a friend/relative/neighbor who seems to have a better life than us, come in mind. But if we dig deep into their lives, they were not as successful as we think they might have been. Where they happy? Did they enjoy their life?  It would be rare of us to think of a teacher as a successful person, or a mom who stays at home, or a stay-at-home dad, but who knows, maybe they are having the happy life that most rich, powerful, famous person dream of.

So, don’t miss the opportunities you have each and every day to be happy and make the people around you happy while trying to reach that one thing in life that is the most important.

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Jun 12, 2019
Jun 12, 2019

Haha, this your post reminds me of every new year resolution. Every year people will resolve to be successful and yet go back again each year. Here you see the repeated mistake you spoken about.
For me success is living a fulfilled life whether rich or poor. Where you wake up to see every promise or plan of yours executed. That is success! Poor plans executed, rich plans executed. No important place on the person but the executions. Being able to escape all the setbacks into implementations or execution.
Oooh thanks for this inspiring post. You made my night. Hope you are doing very well?
Warm rewards.

Jill Langhus
Jun 13, 2019
Jun 13, 2019

Hi Hakima,

Thanks for sharing your very true and inspiring post. I quite agree that a lot of people spend a lot of time and energy focusing on money and fame, rather than focusing on what's really important. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you're having a great day!

Jun 13, 2019
Jun 13, 2019

Helo Hakima,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts! To be happy is when you are a blessing to the people who are in need of your time and talents :) Have a great day!

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Jun 14, 2019
Jun 14, 2019

Hello, Hakimaamiri,

Thanks for writing this heartfelt post about your definition of success. I agree that there are rich, famous, and powerful people that are not totally happy. I would like to know what makes you happy? Would you consider yourself successful now?
Hope you're having a great day!

prakriti sapkota
Jun 24, 2019
Jun 24, 2019

Hello dear!
Firstly, thank u for such an inspirational post.
In today's world, every person runs after success , money and luxury. But the actual success u get in ur life is happiness. A person can be successful in life by just having a loving family, trustworthy friends, a minimum salary and 2 meals a day.
This is what the basic things people need in life and the cause most people run after success and money.
I am very positively inspired by your post. Keep updating.

Beth Lacey
Jun 28, 2019
Jun 28, 2019

Wise words and advice