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Help end Sexual Harassment Through Blogging With Me

What I'm Leading

"Forced caressing, groping, soliciting sexual favor", etc… are examples of a steadily growing vulgar lexicon for a souring phenomenon called sexual harassment.

Imagine yourself going to work or school in a good mood, and then suddenly you were a subject of harassment! Some very close relatives of mine, as well as friends, have been subjected to harassment and then relegated to playing the silent victim role out of fear of being stereotyped.

This phenomenon is not only just a source of societal shame, but also has devastating consequences on health worldwide, as it is also linked to a number of mental health issues ranging from depression to suicidal ideation

This topic has always been an issue of tempered discussion among the users of social media outlets, especially WhatsApp's female groups. This ordeal spares no race, age, gender, sex, or disability. Enough is enough was and still is the conclusion! We decided to put an end to this action through digital campaigns, workshops and blogging.


Who I'm Impacting

I am anticipating the ripple effect of our efforts to reach 500,000 people worldwide by 2019.

My Updates


About Me

My name is Halima Mohamed Abdel Rahman. I am a Sudanese freelance translator, citizen journalist, facilitator, researcher, and blogger. I started working in 1992 in "Sudanow", a monthly magazine, published in English, then later in Saudi Arabia, as a freelance journalist since 2001. I am a holder of Bachelor of Arts in the French language as well as a higher diploma in translation: (Arabic-English). I am fluent in both English and French, as well as Arabic (mother tongue). I have great interest in hiking, travelling, collecting and analyzing data, conducting researches, education, democracy, governance, and empowering women and the marginalized to go beyond the difficulties and hardships they face.

My articles, assignments, interviews and columns in Arabic are published on my blog. Here is the link: (https://bighimcom.wordpress.com/

My Vision

A workplace/educational institute free of all forms of sexual harassment or violence. Women's voices souring high in the sky!


Partnership with similar interest, an efficient internet connection, financial resources and technical materials.


Marketing, networking, crisis management, empowerment, coaching, as well as blogging in both English and Arabic.


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