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Hands to Hearts International (HHI) teaches a child-centered model of care, educating caregivers about a child's earliest development - the language, social, cognitive and physical skills necessary for healthy early childhood development and how they can promote a child's growth in each area as well as the vital importance of attachment and bonding.

HHI originally began working in orphanages in Chennai, India, in February 2006. Caregivers trained by HHI demonstrated: significant gains in knowledge of early childhood development; more responsive interactions with children; greater awareness of child health and development; and improved hygiene and nutrition practices. The children in their care showed: increased weight gain; decreased illness; more responsive to soothing; increased language development; and better digestion and sleep after receiving HHI baby massage. Orphanages that received HHI trainings reported results as dramatic as “no babies have died since [HHI] training.”

Despite socioeconomic and environmental struggles, HHI knows that every community loves their children and wants to provide what is best for them. HHI has created a replicable, cost-effective tool that provides education in ECD - psycho-stimulation, hygiene, play and baby massage - to mothers and caregivers and this has shown impressive early success when applied in extremely remote, tribal areas of India.

HHI is committed to nurturing children and empowering women, as we recognize that these go hand in hand. empowering women & nurturing children