2020 ENDS! Thank God

Harmeet Dawar
Posted December 30, 2020 from India

I will not glorify or make fancy remarks because there is no need to do so. I have never written year-end messages as well but 2020 deserved one.

Just one day left for 2020 to end and I am not hesitant to accept that 2020 has been terrible for me personally.

- My family faced several health issues this year. Seeing them lose immunity and an ample amount of weight has been disturbing. Accepting that your parents are growing old at a rapid pace is also unsettling.

- Became emotionally, mentally, and financially drained.

- Lost my job that pays my bills & supports my family. Usually, I am lucky to bounce back. But 2020 has been harsh on me. Still, it is.

- Felt extreme helplessness of people. Heard stories that moved me and made me cry.

- Experienced life in snooze mode. No creativity, no skill set, no motivation to step out. I have never been like this you know.

But where there's life, there's hope. Hope was within me so I could gather a few of the pleasant experiences I encountered.

- Evolved sensitively with my partner and he deserves a huge acknowledgment for that.

- Upgraded my cooking skills. In fact, I feel like leaving everything behind (literally everything!) and starting a food chain with my 5 best dishes. Can you suggest a name?

- Made sure that women associated with

The Pink Foundation

do not face the challenges which I am facing. Timely payments for all of them throughout the year.

- Gained knowledge about Women’s Health across the globe. The thought of enrolling myself in a Ph.D. also crossed my mind a few times.

-Read religiously about problems faced by the Queer community. There was also a fleeting thought to do a startup in this space.

- Designed TPF’s annual report by learning Canva. Came out well.

At 33, I feel like a fresher again. Out of the oven. Grilled, tossed, and ready to explore the outer world with new opportunities, people, and skill set.

As long as you are alive, breathing, sharing, loving and just being here in the present time, there is always hope! Haina? Kya lagta hai?

P.S. While 2020 has been a boon for many of my friends and I am extremely happy for them. Chak de Fatte!



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Nini Mappo
Dec 30, 2020
Dec 30, 2020

Hello Harmeet,
It is staggering to read your reflection on the year that has been--staggering to think recognize that many people in the world would have had some or most of the experiences you went through. Still, we survived, just as you did, and write. Good on you!
This is beautiful: 'But where there's life, there's hope.' As 2021 approaches, we don't know what it will bring. But as long as we have life, let's keep cultivating hope and gratitude. Speaking of hope, here's to hoping for a better 2021!

Harmeet Dawar
Jan 02
Jan 02

Thank you Nini for this wonderful message. I think we all are surviving on honesty, hope, and gratitude as you mentioned. Happy New Year to you :)

Jan 03
Jan 03

Dear Harmeet,

I salute and applaud you for this piece of writing because it is full of inspiration.
Many of us could relate to the experiences and feelings that you describe so eloquently.

It is encouraging to see that in spite of all that you have gone through, "grilled and tossed" in the oven of life, you have emerged with a new energy and enthusiasm "to explore the "outer world," with a lot of positivity and hope!
With that kind of attitude, it is my hope that 2021 will reward you accordingly.
All the best.

Harmeet Dawar
Jan 06
Jan 06

Thanks for these super encouraging words. Pumped me up more! :)