I choose to Challenge

Harriet Kamashanyu
Posted March 8, 2021 from Uganda
Harriet : Harriet during the GNB Training. (1/1)

As we celebrate the International women's day as set aside by United Nations. this year's theme is "Choosing to Challenge" and yes i continue to choose to challenge!

I Choose to Challenge

As a proud  woman, I cannot fail to celebrate this wonderful day that was set aside regarding all the liberation struggles to see that I occupy my rightful position in society and in the world at large, today I am choosing to challenge the world.

es am a girl and I choose to challenge the world where I am  considered illiterate, ignorant by finishing up my education.

In the world where no prestigious job opportunity is reserved for me, not paid a satisfying wage, I choose to challenge by starting up my own business to make all ends meet for my family

Today am taken as a weaker  and less productive sex yet am choosing to challenge the world by being creative and multi- tasking, yes I am to nature my children, take care of my husband, manage my business and build myself.

Am told am one of the source of gender based violence but today I choose to be the fountain of Peace, joy, happiness , blessings and the pot of favor in my family.

I am taken as a kitchen material which is not bad, but today am choosing to challenge the world by taking up that position (Woman Member of Parliament "Mp", Councilor, and Speaker of Parliament) to see that my political Voice and Decisions are raised.


Yes I Choose to Challenge


This story was submitted in response to #HerStoryMakesHistory.

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Nini Mappo
Mar 08
Mar 08

Dear Harriet,
This is a noble challenge, the challenge of our collective femininity. We raise our fists in solidarity with you in this challenge, for our daughters and for ourselves. Thank you for inviting us to challenge the status quo and the inequalities. More power to you in your various community endevours.

Zohra Elias
Mar 09
Mar 09

Hello Harriet,

Thank you for sharing your commitment on IWD2021.

I appreciate your leadership career.

Best regards,

Dear Harriet!

Hello, Assalaam Alaikum peace and blessings!


Your words effortlessly inspire and motivate anyone reading them.

I am so pleased you have chosen to challenge all the stereo types above.

YES! You are everything below and MORE...

'but today I choose to be the fountain of Peace, joy, happiness , blessings.'

So articulately written. :)

You are a beacon of hope!

Take care and stay safe!

Love, peace and blessings

Upalparna Dey
Mar 16
Mar 16

More power to you lady!

Blanche Yamba
Jul 11
Jul 11

Dear Harriet,

Thank you for sharing your voice and for choosing to stand and challenge the status quo. This is truly an act of bravery!

More power to you and in all your commitments!