My Assets Map

Sabiha Hasan
Posted January 30, 2016 from India
My Assets Map
  • Just give me a bucket full of paint; I want to paint my dreams on the sky...

My dreams are to complete my “Diploma in Workforce Development and Training”. Also, I will work on my NGO project by working on website development and starting a YouTube channel; byJan 2017 I will appear for Ham Radio Exam (General License) and will connect the Radio and the TV to my NGO.

I did M.B.A. so I already know about management. My management skills will help to handle NGO management. I am developing digital skills by joining free courses from futureLearn, EdEx, Coursera, The Open University (U.K.) and

My school life inspires me and my school and home are two places where I feel safe.

During school day’s I had my father, a female teacher and my Vice Principle as my guides; the reason was that my mother is not well educated. Besides, my father was my best friend; always encouraged me to share my life and aspirations with him.

In life most of the things I learned is through books; my dad and from my Prof. Late Dr. V. K. Bhatnagar {H.O.D - M.Sc. (Botany)}.

The resources which I have now, by using them I can create an online campaign, live or virtual workshops, develop online vocational courses etc.

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