World Humanitarian Summit - 2016

Sabiha Hasan
Posted April 2, 2016 from India


I am from India and I want our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend and be a part of World Humanitarian Summit - 2016.

Forthis,I have started an online petition and I want people to sign it.

Once it will be signed by the public then it will be forwarded to thedecision makingauthorities i.e. PM Narendra Modi.

I am certain thatonce our PMwill receive this request, he will attend this Summit.

Kindly, help me by signing it and make this campaign a success.

Here is the link, please click it, read the petition and sign it. If possible, please leave a comment. Take a step forward and share it on your FB, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram profile.


Sabiha Hasan

Founder - VNOW (Virtual Network of Women - NGO)

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