Why I Joined This Group

Sabiha Hasan
Posted July 29, 2016 from India
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Environmental Issues
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Why I joined This Group


I am Sabiha Hasan from India. I am from a family of landlords (farmers) from Uttar Pradesh, India. Thus, I am a Naturalist, Biologist and Environmentalist with my heart and soul in it. I am a double post graduate i.e Master's in Plant Sciences and M.B.A. in HR. Recently I did a module on entrepreneurship as I want to start my own NGO (VNoW - Virtual Network of Women) for Women Empowerment.

I am volunteering since the age of 8 years and worked for various social causes within orphanages, locality, community, school, city, state level and NGOs (National and International), . Since June 2015, I am a Volunteer Project Manager (HR Team) for Paajaf Foundation, Accra, Ghana and a Welcomer with World Pulse.

For three years I worked as a research scholar in Plant Pathology Lab as a Plant Nematologist in Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Then I moved to the corporate world and since last 10+ years, I worked in different domains such as Administration/Customer Service and HRM. But I am passionate about community service and biology i.e. agriculture/forestry/environment and ecology/genetics/bioinformatics etc. Being honest I do not remember how I arrived at World Pulse. I will say luck by chance. I was searching for some women NGO to volunteer with. I googled a keyword and this name popped up in my search engine results. When I checked this portal I realised that by chance through google God guided me to a right place. It was something I wanted or dreamed about. A network of global women changemakers and leaders. I realised it's a right place to connect, learn and share knowledge and experiences with like-minded women from all over the world. I am a biologist by birth i.e. from 3rd standard I studied only one subject that was Science. I was determined that my heart lies in nature with plants and animals. Finally, a point came when I realised I am a jungle person who won't mind spending whole life living alone in a cottage in a forest. After leaving the field of biology in 2005. I kept on missing it and now after seeing this group on WorldPulse. I realised that this subject is not my profession but it's my passion. So, this is an amazing place to write, share and read about bio enthusiasts. I am interested in addressing global environmental issues and role of women in agriculture in Asia and Africa. I am planning to provide online training or workshop to women on these issues through my NGO. The reason to join this group as I want to start a project where I will launch an online magazine about the latest trend in the field of biology and environmental issues. From this group I will get inspiration, networking with global thought leaders, ideas, resources and will share my project work, progress as well as articles here. http://www.world-environmentalism.club


Sabiha Hasan

VNoW (Virtual Network of Women)

Founder & CEO

[email protected]


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Carolyn Seaman
Jul 29, 2016
Jul 29, 2016

Dear Sabiha,

Welcome to the Environment group!

And wow! wow! wow! what a splendid journey you shared with us. You have such a remarkable journey and your share your experiences with so much passion that sucks in your reader. I mean, you have made me an environmentalist! (just reading your story has inspired me)

I have very little knowledge of contemporary issues about the environment. I just know that our environment needs to be cared for and better lifestyle adjustments from us would better improve our environment. I need to read up a lot more about the environment because you have refueled my passion and I have decided to dust up a project I had envisioned to contribute to my environment in my community. 

So, thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me. I also admire your progress with VNoW! And that name is so cool! Well done dear Sabiha! You are amazing!


Sabiha Hasan
Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the appreciation and boosting my confidence. 

There are many environmental issues such as pollution, global warming, water pollution, soil pollution.

If you want you can or your girls can contribute article related to the environmental issue in their country as guest author. If you are looking to start a campaign in your city or country. We can discuss it and I will provide expertise and consultation. 

[email protected]



Mary Morgan
Jul 31, 2016
Jul 31, 2016

Hi, Sabiha!

I just wanted to drop by to say I am SO excited for your work and for your magazine idea! I think its beautiful you were called to use your intelligence and expertise to serve our environment, nature, plants and animals. I'm glad you are here and that I have the opportunity to watch all that you will achieve!

Sabiha Hasan
Aug 06, 2016
Aug 06, 2016

Thanks Mary! Sure I will try to do my best and make a difference.