Durga Shakti (Women Empowerment) #metoo wins… #myvoiceourequalfuture

Sabiha Hasan
Posted October 25, 2020 from India
Durga Shakti (Women Empowerment) #metoo wins…
whtsapp chat screenshot

Durga Shakti (Women Empowerment) #metoo wins…

I am Durga and I defeated Ravanna; How?

Recently, I published my #metoo story, in the hope to get justice. But became hopeless as my family failed to help me, national-level lawyer surrendered and realized that complaint system to help women to protect from sexual harassment is too complicated and lengthy. At last, this platform got me justice today: my harasser Abdul texted me again on WhatsApp.

His Chat:

Abdul:- Hello, Sister! Abdul, this side.

               Please forgive me!

               I am very, very, sorry.

                Kindly, delete your blog from worldcapitaltime.com

Me:- Why?

Abdul:- In my life, I will do nothing with a woman.

               I am ashamed of my work.

Me:- It’s my true story for #metoo, it’s not going off.

       Abdul:- I am just 21 years old.

What does this show? How does he know that there is an article in his name?

He is still trying to follow my traces. LOL!

Well! Sorry world! Sorry, patriarchal society!

I will not forgive a criminal; I am neither God nor Christ.

My body is my property; nobody can harass me and then get away with an apology.

I worked in the corporate world for a decade; I saw and still see how women are forced to compromise and quit? He aspires to be an entrepreneur and crack CAT to be into #IIM (Indian Institute of Management). If he will get away with a sorry and become a chief executive, he will have power and money; he will continue this and using Sorry as a getaway word.

This will definitely set an example for this generation and if you think you can get away with sex talk or cyberstalking; No! You will pay a price with your life and your career.

Let’s get united and keep raising your voices by continuing this campaign #metoo. Let’s make this world sexual abuse free and make it a better and safer place for girls/women to live in.

Happy Durga Puja & Happy Dushera

Thanks to the team #worlcapitaltimes.com to give me a chance to be a part and bringing out confidence in me to raise my voice against injustice.

#durgapuja #dusherra

This story was submitted in response to My Voice, Our Equal Future.

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Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Oct 25, 2020
Oct 25, 2020

Hello, Sabiha,

Kudos for taking action against your cyberstalker. May all women and girls be as brave as you! Thanks for this update! Keep on rising strong!

Sabiha Hasan
Oct 26, 2020
Oct 26, 2020

Thanks dear sister

Nini Mappo
Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

Hello Sabiha,
What came to mind as I read this account is 'he went online once again to look for you to harass, only to find himself harassed, or rather put in his place!'
Bravo, for raising your voice, and standing by it. Compassion should not be gifted to thieves, especially those who steal what they can never give back!
stay safe:)

Beth Lacey
Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

Stand strong!

Adriana Greenblatt
Nov 15, 2020
Nov 15, 2020

Wow Sabhiha, this deeply resonated! I am with you and admire the courage it takes to say "My body is my property; nobody can harass me and then get away with an apology." You are embodying true accountability - and facing him and telling him your apology is not enough is powerful, and I believe an important contribution to the me too movement - showing that it is ok for women to say -"this is not ok for me". I also am with you in solidarity knowing the pressures you must face to "cave" and accept, and succumb to the guilt projected on you.
I am with you all the way from Canada - a huge solidarity hug,

Dec 05, 2020
Dec 05, 2020

My dear Sabiha,
Big hugs and kisses to you!
I applaud your courage and bravery. You are a great role model and I hope that other girls emulate your example, for cyberstalkers do not deserve compassion but public exposure.
You exposed this monster in the best court there is today: the cyber court of public opinion.
I hope that other men out learn their lesson.
Thank you for taking action. More power to you.