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Sabiha Hasan
Posted April 1, 2016 from India
Expired on May 29, 2016
Our dream and motive.
Logo: Bio Haven Club (1/1)


I have started an online Club i.e. a Society for Biological Sciences enthusiasts including environmentalists.

I am looking forward to those people or students who wants to share their knowledge about new biological topicsonon, research or innovation, Or those who wants to raise voice against environment issues. I want them to send their writing or article to be published on our website.

Email:[email protected]

Website: Construction)

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Lilian Mukoche
Apr 09, 2016
Apr 09, 2016

Am interested

Sabiha Hasan
Apr 09, 2016
Apr 09, 2016

Hi Lilian,

Thank you for showing your interest. I received all your documents. Kindly, giv eu ssome time and we will get back to you.

Thank You


Victoria Green
Apr 13, 2016
Apr 13, 2016

What a great innitiative, Sabiha!

I am interested in following what you do! 

Would be happy if you share some of your findings in the Environment Group on Worldpulse as well. 

By the way, do you want to be part of the challenge? #HerEarth Photography Challenge  It is happening now! 

Lilian Mukoche
May 06, 2016
May 06, 2016

Hi sabiha,

Thanks. Regards