The Making of Jim Buttons

James Ouma
Posted February 2, 2016 from Kenya

The making of Jim Buttons is something that I didn't set out to achieve. It is one of those things that I kind of stumbled into. I remember being asked to joina group of doctors who were heading to a one-week mission to Baragoi, whcih is in the northern part of Kenya. That was in December 2014. The trip had come at a time when I was asking myself a lot of questions about my purpose and mission and a human being and a man. I don’t doubt my mission. It is only that I find myself having nothing to offer despite the fact that I have a burning desire to impact the lives of children, especially boys.

I have been working on a zero budget ever since I started Lifesong Kenya. The night before I joined the doctors, I spend a sleepless night, thinking about what I had to offer. I had been told that the children I was going to meet did not speak or understand English and Swahili. And because of that, I found myself scrapping my original plan of reading and donating story books off my list of things to do.

Lifesong Kenya receives a lot of clothes and books that we donate to children in Kenya. As I sat, thinking about my options, I saw that some of ths shirts we had received as donations were ither oversized or were in a bad shape. However, the buttons were all in good contidtion. And that is how I begun harvesting buttons.

When the mission bus came to pick me in the morning, I had already bought a set of sewing needles and sewing thread. As the doctors kept treating and nursing the sick, I kept sewing buttons for children. And soon, everyone on the trip begun calling me Jim Buttons. Since then, I have decided to keep working towards achieving my vision and mission in life. Funding and resources is very important. But I won't let failure to get it stop me from pursuing my dreams.

I will be resuming our work this Wednesday and I look forward to using buttons to impact the lives of the children and young people that I will be coming into contact with this year. You can follow my story and get to know more about Jim Buttons on The Making of Jim Buttons blog.

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Feb 02, 2016
Feb 02, 2016

This story is testimony how something so simple can made a huge difference to lives. It shows that we should never underestimate the impact we can make through our efforts, whether big or small. We look forward to hearing more about your good work.

James Ouma
Feb 02, 2016
Feb 02, 2016

Thanks Nadine4hope. I will surely keep you posted. You can also follow The Making of Jim Buttons blog

Soumya Vilekar
Feb 09, 2016
Feb 09, 2016

Dear James,

Truly a journey of "Jimbuttons", I do feel this suits you a lot as the kids accept and know you by this name. This is an example of a very simple contribution  hwich can make a change and connect people.

"with a thread of hope

you wish to sew the

scattered lives of the kids anew,

decking their minds with

colourful buttons

you infuse the belief

in them,

they are special

and your efforts are true!"



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James Ouma
Feb 10, 2016
Feb 10, 2016

Thanks Soumya,

I am glad I found use for my buttons and thanks for your insight.

Best regards,

Jim Buttons