Everyone’s Rendition of Adele's ‘Hello’

James Ouma
Posted February 20, 2016 from Kenya

Everyone, it seems, wants to or has done a rendition of Adele’s ‘Hello’ song. Everyone including Dela, Joe Thomas, Jimmy Gait, Celine Dion, Ranelle and Karanja. The last two are my next-door neighbours aged 6. Their cover version is done in a way that shows they have nothing to lose.

Doing someone’s song isn’t for the fainthearted. You will always draw comparisons with the person who did the original. That is why, as much as you and I have role models who inspire us, we should try as much as we can to find our own ‘voice.’

Dogs Days Are Over

That is what Vicci Martinez did when she performed ‘Dog Days Are Over’ originally sang by Florence and the Machines during the semi final of The Voice Season 1 in 2011. With a set of drums beside her and her dad’s recent passing as a source of inspiration, Vicci gave ‘Dog Days Are Over’ her all. Even though Vicci didn’t win the ultimate prize, these are the 3 lessons that every person out there needs to take away from her performance.

1.Bounce Back

When you fall, hard, to the ground find that one thing that will give you the opportunity to bounce back and keep moving on towards your goal. Vicci grew up knowing her dad has sacrificed his lover for singing to raise his family by working as a plumber. During her performance, Vicci used her passion to bounce back and honor her dad’s death in style.

2.Go Against the Flow

Just because ‘birds of the same feather flock together‘ doesn’t mean you should find comfort in being a dove. Choose to be the eagle that flies against the flow. Remember, it is only dead fish that swim with the current of the flowing river. Live life to the fullest by going against the flow.

3.Forget the Crowd

We are not just passing by, like a piece of wood that is getting tossed to and fro, aimlessly and without purpose, on top of water. It is appealing to want to find solace in ‘crowds’ that find comfort in the status quo. Do that one thing that will enable the lion in you to stand shoulders above inside the sheep-pen that you might have found yourself in. One last thing about crowds: the crowd is full of folks who ‘tear apart’ renditions without having the guts to do put their necks on the line.

4.The Final Curtain Call

Assume you are dead and we are at your burial. What would you like to happen with the dreams you never had the guts to pursue to say? I know what mine would say: “We could have had it all, had you not allowed your fears to draw you back. And now we are here, just about to get buried into the dark abyss where there is no return!”

Thinking about the final curtain call gives me the courage to pursue goals that have never seen blossom on my family tree before. I am going to sing Adele’s ‘Hello’ by living my life to the fullest.

And should I, by any chance, find myself floating like a piece of wood in an expansive ocean, due to lack of opportunities and resources, I am going to make waves that will stretch the sea shore and leave my mark on this earth that isn’t no one’s permanent home. As I prepare for my first marathon that aims at raising funds for Lifesong Kenya, my mind is set on leaving a legacy behind.

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