Windswept Footsteps in the Sand

James Ouma
Posted September 23, 2016 from Kenya

Windswept Footsteps in the Sand

I achieved my dream of becoming a triathlete by winning a silver medal in the sprint duathlon category in my first attempt last month. Much as I am grateful for the support I was given by Team Tri Fit after they gave me a mountain bike and running shoes to train and compete with, I am sad that my dream to compete in two more events is clouded in doubt.

That is why I had the longest training session - 10K run and 18K bike - a 3-hour work out that begun at 5 and ended at 9 am today. To be in prime shape for a triathlon - mentally and physically - you need lots of money for a personal mountain bike, good nutrition, swimming lessons and gym membership.

Now that I am about to return the bike, I am filled with grief. I have not mastered the bike and still have a long way to go. Running and biking means much more than merely pedaling and running. It is a means of raising funds for Lifesong Kenya's juvenile prison mentoring. And even though I haven't raised enough money as I had anticipated, I am not going to give up on my desire to go back to juvenile prison.

I have already approached hundreds of people, organizations, universities, schools, supermarkets and bike shops for help, sponsorship, funding and partnership. The response hasn't been good so far. But what do I have to lose by trying one more time. All I have to do is call and visit one more bike shop, one more person and one more supermarket providing my writing skills in exchange of a mountain bike and funding for Lifesong Kenya.

The rest is up to the world and My Wow-Awesome God to provide. #ItsDoneinJesusName #TheMakingofJimButtons #LifesongKenya #RunningforMyLife

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