Finding a healthy balance for 2017

James Ouma
Posted January 16, 2017 from Kenya

The clock is ticking towards my firstmarathonthis month where I am thinking of graduating from the half marathon to the 30K run. And with barely 8 weeks to go, and with the shape I am in, my heart races in near-panic.

I have only run 3 times this year - a mere 42K. I am also 82K and because It didn't occur to me to weigh myself at this time last year, that doesn't bother me.

“Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.”— Unknown

Finding a healthy balance to 2017

My work with boys in juvenile prison throughLifesong Kenyahinges on 3 things. I must find a healthy balance that will enable me to grow my online writing business, reading club and ministry in church. I also need to keep finding time as a willing non-complaining companion when my wife embarks on her shopping sprees, even when there is no actual shopping on the agenda.

My desire is to fund my activities with Lifesong Kenya from the income I will generate from my writingand reading club. Sounds realistic and a noble desire. Well, it is never that easy I can tell you that! Since working as a full time volunteer is close to working a 9-5 job, without a salary, I am going to work odd hours - sometimes late into the night and very early in the morning depending on where my clients will be located.

On the other hand, training and preparing for the events I hope to take part in - marathon and triathlon - will also eat into my already packed schedule. That means that my energy, willpower and belief system is going to take a huge beating. Unlike last year when I did this for the first time, I am prepared to go all the way and believe God willprovide a divine connection with clients and supporters for Lifesong Kenya.

Living one day at a time...

I already have one long term client for mywriting. However, I still need more in order to fully cater for my voluntary work. The income generated from this isn't enough. But it is a huge step towards realizing my goals. I believe that it will enable me to resume my work with juvenile prisoners where I will be doing the following:-

  • weekly mentoring sessions with the boys
  • tracing their parents and people they have wronged
  • monthly shaving sessions
  • sewing buttons and torn clothes
  • relocation of boys who have completed their prison sentences

Final Thoughts

In between writing, reading club, church ministry and Lifesong Kenya I will be running, biking and swimming. I look at what lies ahead of me and wonder why I keep biting what I can't chew.

My networking and marketing skills are wanting. I lack the resources I needfor Lifesong Kenya. I still don't have proper running, swimming and biking gear. I also don't have a mountain bike. These are some of the things that discourage me.

However, I have one thing going for me. I have faith, God's love and favor. It is all I need to keep trusting, believing and working towards achieving my goals and vision. As for the Shompole Wildlife Marathon, I trust all will be well and that I will sign up before the deadline ends. That is what I will pray for during my evening run today.

Distance I've run so far: 42K

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