Running for My Life 2017: Day 69

James Ouma
Posted March 10, 2017 from Kenya

I finally went to juvenile prison after a 2-year break of self reflection. It is a prison I have never been to and since it is 40.8 KM (25.35194 Miles) away, it means I won't be able to walk on foot the way I used to when I would walk to Industrial Area Remand when I didn't have bus fare.

Much as it was a new prison, I was surprised to find one of the boys I used to mentor at the Industrial Area Remand Prison two years ago. The boys were happy to see Tracy Hanson and I while I personally felt so at home and so alive once more. #TheMakingofJimButtons #LifesongKenya #RunningforMyLife

How to Get Involved

  • accompany us to prison
  • sponsoring our biking and running to raise funds
  • give me writing jobs for your website and social media marketing
  • share our needs for funding and resources with your friends and family
  • come and work with us a volunteer

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