Running to Raise Funds for Our Juvenile Prison Program

James Ouma
Posted May 10, 2017 from Kenya

Elisha Maketa, the 21 year old young man I am mentoring, and I finally have our tags for the Lukenya Trail Run on Sunday 21st May 2017. This run is aimed at raising funds for Lifesong KENYA and our work with juvenile offenders. 2016 I participated in half marathons and duathlons alone. However, since Elisha Maketa joined this year, the team has grown to two members.

The Story Behind Lifesong Kenya

My name is James Ouma. I’m the founder of Lifesong Kenya. I would like to give this appeal for funding a personal touch. About nine years ago, I got a job as a children’s television show producer. My work involved interacting with 75% of school children who were growing up without fathers and lacked proper parenting. Because I also grew up without a father, I identified with their challenges.

After awhile, I started challenging the children I was meeting to envision a better world for themselves, families and their communities. I encouraged them to appreciate who they are as opposed to focusing on what they didn’t have. On July 2012, I met 100 boys in juvenile prison and begun a weekly mentoring program. Six months later, I quit my job to focus on working as an online writer in order to focus on working with the boys in juvenile prison full time.

Since then, I have worked with over 1, 000 youths. The boys we have worked with have embraced crime-free life and successfully reintegrated back into their families and the community. The ones we are currently working with are finding alternatives to crime and learning how to discover treasure that is within them. Our work is adding value to the community since the communities and families where our boys exit prison to are able to enjoy peace as a result of the boy embracing crime-free lifestyles.

Lifesong Kenya

Lifesong Kenya is a Community Based Organization that aims to rehabilitate, reconcile and reintegrate juvenile offenders back into the society. Our programmes and activities include the following activities: -

  • Visiting juvenile prisoners every Friday for 6 hours
  • Calling family members and encouraging them to visit their children in prison\
  • Calling victims of crimes and initiating reconciliation process with the boys
  • Tracing homes of parents and victims of crimes who are not on phone or haven't shown interest in reaching out to the boys
  • Visiting police stations to verify information and collecting charge sheets on behalf of the boys
  • Accompanying boys to court
  • Other activities include shaving, providing tissue paper, toothpaste, toothbrush, bar soap and underwear

The Current Situation and Steps to Achieve Our Vision

The Lifesong Kenya vision has surpassed my personal capacity and resources. I am therefore appealing for financial support to enable Lifesong Kenya to rehabilitate, reconcile and reintegrate 200 boys back to their families and the community this year. Additional ways the Lifesong Kenya staff and volunteers raise funds: -

(a). A percentage of their monthly salary

(b). Running half marathons and taking part in duathlon activities

(c). Offering online writing services

Monthly Expenses

Transport 60

Phone calls 20

Internet 45

Total Cost $125

Yearly Budget (125 x 12) =$ 1, 500

In conclusion

Lifesong Kenya is a 501(c)3 fiscally sponsored organization through Omprakash. Every donation and contribution made through our link on Omprakash website is tax-deductible. What's more, you also get a special receipt acknowledging your donation or contribution.

Your generous financial support will enable Lifesong Kenya to undertake its mandate of empowering juvenile prisoners to reintegrate into the community as responsible and young men ready to adopt crime-free lives. Not only will you be helping us impact the lives of juvenile offenders, you will enable hundreds of families to have a peace of mind as well as impact thousands of future generations to come. Feel free to contribute any amount. Every amount counts...!

How to Get Involved

Contribute and donate any amount in support of our run and work

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Sally maforchi Mboumien
May 10, 2017
May 10, 2017

Hello James good vision you have got. Reading through this i feel happy because giving meaning to the life of any human is the best one can offer to a person who has lost focus. Considering the stigma that follows anyone with a criminal record in most of our communities rejection and frustration is what many suffer after living prison. I like the fact that your organisation is providing these juvenile prisoners the basic human right: the right to life.

I sincerely hope you get all the support you need to carry out your life saving activities in this domain. your society truly benefits and have a big change because of the work you do. Keep going!!!

James Ouma
May 10, 2017
May 10, 2017

Hello Sally,

Thanks for your encouragement. It means a lot in our kind of work.


James Ouma

May 11, 2017
May 11, 2017

Dear James,

Thank you for sharing your work and your fundraising goals.  I wish you much success in your trail run and your continued work with imprisoned youth.  I love that your mission works to address rehabilitation, reconciliation and reintegration together.   My best wishes to you.  

May 15, 2017
May 15, 2017

HI James, 

Your work is inspirational and making such a difference with those you work with. The world needs more of you in it.