Yay, Our Marathon Team Has a New Member!

James Ouma
Posted May 16, 2017 from Kenya

There are 4 more days left before we embark on our first fundraising half marathon during the Lukenya Trails Run. And I got the call that brought a cheerful smile to my heart as well as a jig that I performed in our sitting room. It was such a sudden jig of joy Patty Liston and my wife couldn't help but applaud in response.

"Hi James," a friend, who has since became a brother said over the phone. "I have read your posts as you prepare for your fundraising run. Can I join the Lifesong Kenya Team?"

"Let me see what I can do," I replied.

Well, raising funds through individual running isn't an easy thing to do. And seeing that these kinds of events cost money, to sign up for and attend, it is a miracle we are actually able to go. Granted, we are not getting lots of donations coming in. However, I am thankful to the people who are already supporting us. The other thing is that having a new member join our growing team is a huge blessing; I believe in disguise.

So tonight, we welcome Kelvin Hondo to our team, knowing that our goal to grow to 10 members by August is well on track. Much as I still don't know where or how I am going to find more money for his entry fee, I believe our team of 3 runners and 2 cheering squad is complete. At least, for the time being.

Thinking about Diamond

Diamond's court case is due in a week's time. Because of this, we have been talking, thinking, praying and encouraging his mom to accept him back. The court has given us a free bond on condition that we find Diamond a school and a place he will call home. Since Sister Bertina has already guaranteed to pay for his school fees, Elisha and I have our work cut out for us.

Unfortunately, Diamond's mom is a single mother who doesn't have a job. And for her to accept Diamond back, we need to find her a casual job to do. The other alternative is finding her seed capital so she can engage in a business. She has already asked for a tray of eggs and ground nuts that she is planning to use for her business. That doesn't seem like a very huge mountain to climb, if only we had enough to spare.

I will therefore use this Sunday's run to think about Diamond and the opportunities available for him when he exits prison. I will be praying and thinking about him, his mom and his up coming court case. Of course, I will also be thinking about the 100+ boys Lifesong Kenya works with on a weekly basis.

Feel free to support us on the links below. We have various fundraising platforms that suits all kinds of donations and contributions. We look forward to receiving your generous support. Every contribution matters and counts.



"A 10 year-old boy does not wake up and decides to be bad. All he wants is to be good and our role is to offer such boys the opportunity to become boys of character, courage and conscience,"

Roger Liston, Communications Director, Standing With Boys

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May 17, 2017
May 17, 2017

Dear James,

Thank you for sharing this. You are doing an amazing thing. I wish you all the very best and keep doing the good work.



Tamarack Verrall
May 17, 2017
May 17, 2017

Hello James,

The work you are doing is very important and it is heartening to read your story as it is clear that you have a lot of love that you send to those who need love and understanding. It is true, no 10 year old decides to be bad. So many people, including children have been hurt by the current systems. I am glad to learn about you and what you are doing. We are here to work together.

May your work flourish,


Grace Amiola
May 31, 2017
May 31, 2017

Great work James. Thanks for being at the forefront of change in your country.

May your work speak both in your life and in the life of those you are helping.