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About Me

I am 43 years old, but it is just now that I am confidently able to describe me; not all but some of it.
I am a journalist and social enterprenuer passionate about change especially on issues that relates to women and children.
Having been born and raised in a conservative muslim family, I am of the belief that injustice begins at the family level. And we can only ever have postive change if women and children are first treated with dignity and respect as human beings rather than just posessions.
My journalism career grew from being just a journalist to now, the point where I am convinced of my calling, and therefore trying to carve a niche in the most underreported and underepresent group of the human race, women and children.

My Vision

Mentally inspire every girl and woman to achieve their dreams.
Prove they and their dreams are valid.
Challenge the status quo


Streamline, properly define the project.
Visibility, promotion.
Improved technological skills training.
Funding and collaborations


I am a professional journalist and storyteller.
Public speaker.
Social enterprenuer.
Open to collaborations/networking with likeminds


Economic PowerEmpowering GirlsEngaging Men and Boys in Gender EqualityHuman Rights for WomenWomen in Leadership