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Hawwah Jiddare
Posted January 26, 2019 from Nigeria

I was depressed, frustrated and suicidal for a long time (I still get depressed alot), but I pulled through.

Even thoug I am in a better place now mentally and physically, I still hurts from all the years of abuse from my own family.

And it is now that I relaised that a lot of Girls are still being raised in similar or worse situations.

And alot of women are in similar  or even worse situations; staying in unhealthy marriages because of the fear of stigmatization and family backlash.

Even though I have always struggled with projects all my life; I haven't a clue on how to go about reaching out to women and Girls who are victims of this viciousness  (I always wished I had someone to talk to as a teenager when I was most abused by my Father) to  hug them, soothe thier pains and tell them they are not alone and that together we can change our stories.

To reach out to women who protect, enhance and promote patriarchy in the name of culture, tradition and religion to enlightne them of the dangers of what they are doing and show them the best way to be a woman;  ‘hang patriarchy’.

Long story short, I am still standing and going strong by the grace of almighty God.  But it was hard, it was brutal; and I keep wondering how many women keep being swallowed by these circumstances everyday.

It is my hope and wish that one day, someday, we as women should be able to hold up our heads hight and tell a different story to our Children and Grandchildren.  The story of liberty, freedom, victory and success and not that of being victims to a patriarchy that should have no place in our world.

I am grateful to my sister OluwaTosin for inviting me to this forum. And it is my hope that together we can end this scourge.



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Corine Milano
Jan 26
Jan 26

Welcome, it is so nice to meet you! I am glad you have joined and that you are raising your voice. Indeed, together we are changing our stories so that future generations will have stories of hope and light - and already, women have stories of resilience, determination, successes and support. I am looking forward to hearing more from you. You are very welcome to World Pulse!!

Jill Langhus
Jan 27
Jan 27

Hi Hawwah,

Thanks for sharing more of your story and journey. What do you do to combat depression? Do you go out in nature, meditation, journal, exercise, eat well? All of those help quite a bit.

Also, it sounds like to me that you feel very passionately about reaching out to women and girls that need a voice and to protect them from violence? As a journalist you could be a great catalyst for change for women, if you aren't already?

I'm very glad that Olutosin has invited you to the forum. Your voice, and work, are needed.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Hawwah,
You are most welcome to this great platform, a new home filled with selfless sisters. Thank you for sharing. It is hard to spread love sometimes if you never received it. But that has all changed on here because we have all the love that you need. It takes time to reach out to others so take as much time as you need. Continue to stand strong and continue to shine like a star.
Have a lovely day.

Jane Frances Mufua
Jan 30
Jan 30

Thanks for sharing . You are most welcome to this forum.

Deborah Munyekenye
Feb 27
Feb 27

A true life story. Thanks and let us bring a stop to girls and women abuse

Beth Lacey
Mar 14
Mar 14

Welcome to World Pulse!

Jacqueline Namutaawe

Hey Hawwah grateful to God that you made it despite the fractures and you are surely going to win.

leila Kigha
Mar 21
Mar 21

Welcome Hassan
So glad you are a rt of us.
Welcome welcome.

Paulina Nayra
Apr 17
Apr 17

Hawwah.. welcome to World Pulse. This is our home, a safe place for us, where we get moral support from sisters all over the globe. Writing our sorrows and triumphs helps release the pain that holds us back . You are one courageous survivor for having the balls to write your story. Please continue to share,

Huggs from the Philippines,

Hello, Hawwah,

I'm so glad I read your post because I have experience different bouts of depression, too. I hear you. I truly understand. I cope by writing. I filled up a lot of journals already, then I found World Pulse which brought a different level of healing for me. You know why? My journals just receive what I write, but on World Pulse, there are sisters who read our stories, and they reach out there hands to affirm us. It has been a healing journey for me. I hope you keep sharing your stories here so we can help you, too.

Please message me when you can. I do look forward reading from you. You are so brave for speaking out. Congratulations on this first step! Welcom to World Pulse! Hugs to you! You are loved.